Friday, 19 August 2011

5 quick tips on getting through writers block.

We all know, sometimes when we make music - we feel like this cute cat.

You're stuck in your own mind, in your own music on how to get it finished - these are my quick tips to stop this from happening again.

While I don't have the best work rate there is, I would say I hardly get stuck on tracks these days - i know what I want to do but I sit on ideas long enough to know if they're going to work or not. I'm pretty much like the government when I make tunes; I do a lot of thinking, a lot of talking and not a lot of doing but unlike the government  eventually I act on my thoughts and ideas!

The tips!

#1: Why are you just using the same kick and snare? How about bringing in a totally different kick drum after X amount of bars for a sudden switch up?

Just because you haven't heard it much in other music, doesn't mean its not a good idea.

#2: Go crazy! If you're sitting there playing the same basic chords, trying to make the right sound; stop there and put your hands across the keyboard and record midi and play! 

Its amazing how 20 minutes of just playing piano can lead you to 3-4 tunes worth of material!

#3: Forget the mix, get the composition down; i'd much rather get stuck on a mix down than during the actual making of the track as how pretentious and diva-esque this makes me sound, if you can pay someone to do something and it doesn't affect the integrity of what you're doing then you shouldn't make it a priority before things you can't.

What I mean is, a mix down is just a mix down; there is thousands of people who could do your mix for you but only you can translate whats in your head to something we can listen to. 

Worry about your high hats panning later!

#4: Listen to music outside of your genre, I make dubstep primarily but I hardly listen to it unless people are sending me tunes for feedback/to dj/to sign or I am DJing/buying vinyl; all the rest of the time I am listening to different genres and I feel this keeps my music fresh; I don't start to sound samey and helps me develop my own sound more and more each day.

Influence is your biggest creative tool.

#5: Get involved! I don't understand why people are not involved in their local community; even if you live in a small down in a little place in Eastern Europe which no one has ever heard of I bet you can find at least one musician ! Yes they might not be into the same music as you but thats part of the beauty, I make it my goal to know musicians and other producers who don't like the genres I am making due to their the most honest people and have the freshest ideas for my music! 

Ignorance is bliss.


  1. I kind of wish I took up an instrument, and stayed with it. If I have extra time I might pick back up the piano...

  2. I agree with the piano part! I played piano for 9 years and almost every time I was just messing around I ended up with something worth remembering

  3. I wont even play unless I can feel it.

  4. writers block, writers block, F writers block.

    Actually I get writers block 45 seconds into ever track I start.

    Hahaha, no dead ends, but too many unfollowed alleys.

  5. Oh, and that last one is the truest of all. Ignorance is bliss. All of us that've been producing for while have experienced it when we listen back to our first tracks. The tracks generally suck, but some of the ideas, the willingness to do just what sounded right at the moment, reveal genius. Getting back to that point is somewhat akin to the journey we take back to the Vagina. Always looking for home.

  6. This could be applied to many other things in life too.

  7. your introduction reminds me the Walt Disney movie Aristocats. Tout le monde veut devenir a cat :D

  8. The mix-down tip is a great tip, always used to forget that.

  9. Love me some writers block, thanks for the tips!
    btw, still got much love for that video with the 3osc!

  10. good tips. i dont make music but i can understand their points

  11. Thanks! Writers block can be a true affliction. I'm surprised there are no pills for it.

  12. Love this blog post! A really interesting read! Followed!

  13. I do the same thing with writing. But not really...