Sunday, 14 August 2011

Albums I love; what flopped.

First up; JME - Tropical

This instrumental mix tape to me is primitive UKFunky. I don't know why exactly; its a pretty summer-time garagey album but every time I listen to funky I just remember this album, it came as a 2nd CD in the Boy Better Know 3 mix tape (named Boy Better Know 4: Tropical) and got more plays than the grime CD.

This album = Get the BBQ out; crack the redstripe, roll one and vibe!

Over all; this album didn't really do that well - you can see from the youtube hits and lack of comments on the videos its nothing mindbowing; its pretty loopy and repetitive all the way through but I adore it - it reminds me of a good summer afternoons kicking it with the boys!

Oh well; I love it!