Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The first post is the deepest.

From the tender age of 14 I have been submersed in this sound we all know and love called Bass, what first attracted me to the sound was the unique sub-driven antics these producers I haven't heard of before were churning out. I was bought up listening to old Jungle tapes my cousin would leave in my tape deck by accident and that progressed through the years till eventially I was listening to pirate radio hanging my arm out of my bedroom window just so I can get a signal to listen stations like RinseFM playing garage and grime. Now I have grown up a bit with Dubstep and various other Bass genres in my life there are so many qualities which are sewn into it that I can greatful for expericing which I don't think I would of if I had got into another genre of music during my early teens.

Now 21, Bass to me is something  what we all hold a piece of, weather you're a DJ, Producer, Promoter, MC or just simply a person who enjoys listening to the sounds in their bedrooms or out in the dance we all own part of the sound! What I mean by this is that as anyone whos involved within  the community has a say and a part of the scene and its survival. Dubstep in my mind is a homebrew culture, its something what stemmed from a few people making bass-heavy dark-garage in their bedrooms and no matter how the scenes sound has envolved its still stayed very much to its almost non-conformist roots.
When you get a flyer of a Bass-orientated event you don't see "sponsored by *some energy drink or alcohol*" in the corner or "presented by *some corporation*" splashed across the top of the piece of card. We have our own crews and companies what people get excited to see on flyers like GetDarker, Rinse, NightSlugs, Swamp81, Brainfeeder, Hessle Audio or DMZ.

We don't go to a event because Smernoff are giving away free shots all night to ladies who are wearing low cut tops or something stupid like that its a purely music driven society. Its genderless and classless. When you step into a event no-one cares what you wear or how you dance or if you're 'bare buff', all people care about is that the DJ on the decks is playing the sound. I appreciate how these DJs and Producers are house-hold names in our little niche of the music world but in reality they're not rock stars, they're just people doing what they love and are down to earth individuals who are happy to meet anyone with the same common interest.
This is why I am passionate about the culture I am involved in!


  1. Can't see how so many people go out on a friday/saturday night, and go from club to club to club, they're all the same, all playing the same music, that they listen to on the radio all day anyway.

    Big up on starting up, will be following this!

  2. you nailed it with this post mate! nothing beats the feeling of DMZ, getting loose with hundreds of other like minded people, no problems, no fights, no pretty boys looking to grind with girls, just vibes lol