Friday, 19 August 2011

Friday's Favourites.

Ahh, its Friday, while most people are excited for Fridays; they're the day I chill out, listen to music and drinks copious amounts of water from Wednesday and Thursday's antics. Here are some of my favourite tracks today!


Before its time!

Been up 3 hours on about the 8th play; always makes me feel good!

You can't have a chill out day unless it has some Dilla!

So while most of the world is out enjoying freedom for 3 days; i'm going to sit in doors and close my eyes and enjoy the music!


  1. Listening to Inner City Life right now at work, which is always a good day on a friday. DRESS-DOWN FRIDAYS! AWESOME! YEAH!

  2. we made it! weekend here we come!!

  3. DJ Cam and JDilla is great
    nice post

  4. Really loving the first two tunes! Super intensity into ultimate chillaxing. Nice post!