Friday, 12 August 2011

Today; I have finally come to terms with.....

The fact I saw Portishead the other month; so them being my favourite musicians, lyricists and producers in the world I am obsessing with them all over again.

From a conversation on Dubstepforum (which I started ha!) it made me remember the brilliant profile of my favourite band member Adrian Utley; taking you through his home studio in Bristol, Adrian shows enough modular and analogue gear to get even the biggest gear luster a bit happy in their pants while discussing artistic direction, differences, how the band work and why it took them 4 years to write Third with some brilliant quotes which shows you despite being one of the most brilliant minds in music today - he is still a human being!

click more for the video!


  1. Given me something to watch at work, thanks man.

  2. Major gearlust watching this. I have a modular on order but it's about one tenth of the size of that rack behind him.

  3. Mish mash of euro modules, some doepfer/tiptop/Mfb etc. Got a couple of vcos, filters, lfos & a vca. Starting off small but i can see it taking over my studio soon lol.

  4. Gonna watch these in a sec

    Also, Victoria's Secret ads! Nom! I clicked, she was damn fine.

  5. Portishead are the jam! Amazing interview.