Monday, 15 August 2011

Why do HBO drama's have crap intro songs?

Heres a bit of an obscure post and I try not to detract from the blog's theme too much but this is an issue what needs to be dealt with, immediately.

So I am re-watching The Wire for the third time (since nothing is as perfect as it, do you blame me? Everything else seems as thin as a pancake) and I just realised; every HBO show I have watched has had an absolutely terrible theme song.. Let me give some examples.

We all know a theme tune is just something repetitive which you associate with the tv show; it also helps out the music industry (usually) and makes an act come back in popularity (CSI/TheWho anyone?) and storm the charts. Music and TV go hand in hand so why not choose something utterly brilliant; HBO don't :(.

The Sopranos 

I can't think of a think of a more annoying some with a simple message, WE GET IT, YOU WOKE UP, GOT A GUN, YOU PICKED THIS SONG BECAUSE  ITS A SHOW ABOUT MOBSTERS, THEY SHOOT GUNS, I GET IT!!.. Jesus Christ, there is absolutely no need to write a song about it.

I really do dread re-watching the sopranos just for this theme tune, it means skipping 1:30 (I skipped so much I remember it) through each episode just in case I hear more than 3 words from the vocalists mouth.

An alternative? I don't know much about Italian mobsters but the opening credits is of the main character (Antony Soprano) driving through the city up to his house and going through the door; maybe they could use this.

Six Feet Under

Seriously? A quirky middle-eastern themed-movie score? For a TV show? A TV show about a family who owns a funeral home who are completely screwed in the head?

Sounds of people spitting would suit this title sequence better; I don't care what the alternative is.


"Hey I know guys, we're going to do a gritty prison drama what tackles some of the most violent and obscene things ever seen on TV; what I want is a 1970s cop show-themed porn sound track for the opening credits"

Wheres, my, gun: I need to go after whoever thought this worked with the actual show.

A good alternative would be a really bleak score or...

Sex In The City

Yes because when I think of a show about middle aged women with big credit cards, STD's and bad dress sense I think. "Oh I know, lets do some samba style something!!!!?!"

Debbie Harry would of been so much better.

As you can tell, this makes me very angry...

Hope you enjoyed my rant!!


  1. I don't hate any of their picks, but I enjoyed your alternatives more, I must say. One network that gets their music right is AMC tho, for sure.

  2. Yeah, you should be working for HBO man.

  3. I don't watch any of these shows so I never have to hear them.

  4. I'm a pretty big fan of all things True Blood, and think it's just about the only good opening sequences on HBO

  5. I liked the alternatives you suggest.
    I think the same as you do with that TV shows, their intro songs are terrifying.

  6. Hadn't noticed before, but now that I think about it...

  7. I liked the Six Feet Under intro back in the day...

  8. You are completely right, all of those openings do suck! O_o

  9. agreed Tim! Trueblood is one of the only ones i have seen with a decent one!

  10. Aw hell naw. I love The Wire's intro.

    You just have bad taste.

  11. You win at life. I'm not saying their intros ever bothered me, but yours were better. Go work for HBO lol.

  12. I can still hear that wack OZ theme in my head

  13. Truly is a good question.

    Same answer usually, as to why anything is bad.

    It is cheaper that way.

  14. I... I haven't seen any of these series. Well, except sex and the city

  15. that Nas song would be great for a lot of shows. This needs to be said to the creators of the shows.

  16. Hehe @ Shaw - I like the Tom Waits theme for The Wire (Season 2) but then again, I'd like a Tom Waits song if it was just him breathing down the mic!

  17. Aw no way man, the Sopranos tune is quality! I think the doors tune has a similar vibe though. Good picks!

  18. I can't stand Game of Thrones intro... it's too long

    follow me back!