Thursday, 4 August 2011

Women, Modern Art, Production & EDM

For a long time I have been thinking about how people of the opposite gender approach making music because when a lady steps up to the buttons I hear a lot more love and care when crafting the music than a lot of males, its an interesting concept and one I am going to try and explore in this blog post.

First I am going to use something me and my girlfriend was speaking about for her Dissertation for University (for anyone who doesn't know, in the last year on Uni in England you have to write a huge essay on a subject of your choice which counts towards a big chunk of your final grade). We was speaking about modern art and gender, how it seems within the big names of British modern art the men are less conceptional but make more statements pieces and carry a lot more "wow" factor while the female artists seem to be more self confessional, creating a insight into their life with more emphasis on creating a piece which makes you find out more about them as people than make you wonder what it means.

So speaking from that kind of background I wonder is it related to modern dance music? While yes I am a ex-art student so I love deeper meanings and conceptional-ism I often think some times the music I am into is left to your own devices to appreciated it different to everyone else. 

So heres how my analysis and how its going to work - I am going to pick my favourite EDM track made by a female and see if I can find some sort of link between mine and Mrs's Legend4ry's theory about women modern artist's.

If you want to experience this analysis properly - I will tell you when I click play and you should that too! 

Vaccine - Wishful thinking.

Straight off the bat, from the title without even listening to the track, one would assume this track is going to be dreamy and optimistic - wishful meaning hoping something will happen is a very conceptional word to me and already helps me think there is a link - so lets listen! *clicks play*

Already from the electronic bird cherping sound and the Ballad-esque lead in the intro combined with the busy drums brings the thought process to me of someone thinking the same thing over and over again in a haze but they're questioning it. As the track comes into the drop and goes glitchy it makes me think what I initially thought is more clear than it was before. 

This track is perfectly crafted, you can feel the love, care and attention put into every 16 bars and it could just be the title fits the track perfectly or Mrs Vaccine actually was using this track is as a way to express her current state of mind no one will ever know. I'd like to go for the latter so I can be one step further on proving  the theory that women make more self-confessional art in our generation! 

What do you think about the subject of this?

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