Monday, 5 September 2011

Chill Out Sundays

Sun Goes Down (vocal mix) by Justanotheralias
New one from myself!

Sooth by Lienne
Another new one from me.

A Foolish Child (Billie Holiday homage) by Fathom 9
Fathom 9 brings us a brilliant chop and screw of Billie Holiday

Love by Charles Mantis
Just, wow!


  1. That Billie Holiday homage was gonna upset me, then I heard how the rest of it went down and it was amazing. Also, when you say from you, you mean you made 'em? I ask because the soundcloud has separate artists, is all o.o confused a tiny bit.

  2. not my taste of music :|

    Btw, just want to thank you for dropping a comment on my blog :D

  3. Not bad, not bad :)
    they sound good to my ears :)

  4. This is super chill, just what I need, thanks.

  5. I really liked the Billie Holiday homage. I also really liked the two tracks you did. It's fun to go by many names, isn't it?

  6. Linux and Life is asian so doesn't like music like this.