Saturday, 4 February 2012

Pistonsbeneath - 24th Century EP

As we step into 2012 we present the 24th Century EP from South London based Pistonsbeneath who has been quietly crafting his sound, locked away in the studio for almost 2 years. Elusive as a producer for quite some time with only a handful of DJs receiving his dubs, Jon has been influenced by the South London scene from its early days and remains an avid vinyl collector across all genres, clearly providing him with a great many influences. Now we unveil his debut, running seven tracks long, this is truly a journey into the Pistonsbeneath sound…

The intro of Present Knowledge begins the journey with suspenseful stabs and coupled with a brooding bassline creates a rugged halfstepper.
Dreamy ethereal FX, shuddering bass and subtle off beat underlying percussive elements in the second track brings a surefire banger, designed to cause the Mind to Resonate!!

Blue Jaunte combines a rolling tribal drum break with a mysterious, almost oriental cyber punk atmosphere which spawn a pulsating sub bass monster ready to rattle systems…

The shuffle and click of Luminous Body‘s intro transforms into a surging wave of deep bass and sparkling outer space FX that pushes this track forwards. Moving into the track from which the EP takes its name, Psychic 24th Century begins with a stabbing robotic drone and drops down into an eerie trembling roller.

Unspeakable creeps out from a haunting intro and vocal stab and evolves into a low-end stomper with mechanical bass sounds colliding in the 2nd drop. Seven Years has a supernatural discord in its atmosphere as well as truly nasty growling, snarling scraping bass and reinforces Pistons’ sonically mutated bass at its core bringing the EP to a close…


  1. I like the drums alot on the second track. It compliments the bassline in a awesome way.