Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Music & Boredom

As the title states; music and boredom - this is my life at the moment.

I am someone who is in-golfed within music from my day to day life; weather it be making it, listening to it, promoting it, talking about it (you get the idea). It becomes hard to take yourself away from that life.

Most of my friends are musical in one respect or another; they all DJ's, in bands, singers, song writers, club night/event promoters or label owners, one could say its my life (even if I don't want it to be).

I have been on a journey in the past few months to get away from that, I haven't started to write a tune in months; not turned on the Ipod or clicked on a youtube link in weeks and yet; no matter when I hear music in passing somewhere, I associate it with boredom.

My question/thought is that; can you have a hobby, which is your passion, some-what career and is something you find it hard to not be involved in,  in your day to day life?

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