Wednesday, 10 August 2011

As the riots settled down.. Got to finish a new track.

Aftee - Our Empire (Legend4ry's Broken City mix) [final] by Legend4ry

Seems awfully fitting that I finished this, today. This track is a remix of the Aftee tune Our Empire ; I named my remix the Broken City mix due to thats pretty much what was all in my mind while finishing it up this evening.

Hope you all enjoy it and to any of my fellow Londoners and English folk; hope you're safe!


  1. I'm glad those '' riots '' got somehow escalated. Enjoying your track right now.. good work. Followed your blog for more like these.

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  3. Glad you stayed safe, hopefully they start to wind down for good. Great remix as well, nicely done.

  4. Listening...

    Hey this font that you're using is nearly unreadable on my screen. Letters like w, x just disappear.

    Listening... good bass pressure, a little breathy.

  5. Had me still bobbing after the track was done, always a good sign.

  6. Excellent vibes in this one, perfect atmosphere here.