Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Woolwich; London Riots

Woolwich is a place situated 12 miles into London's boarders from Kent with a vibrant multi-cultural society which has been under a renovation over the last couple of years like much of the run-down docklands; Once a typical working-class part of London was slowly turning into a upbeat place for young inner city professionals to live. With the recent addition of a DLR station, it was attractive to the workers of the Isle Of Dogs, with swanky new flats built in the once World War 2 storage and manufacturing site the Royal Arsenal also attracted football players and soap TV stars.

Woolwich is also my home.

This idea of being a more respected part of London changed tonight; Woolwich was one of the main places hit in the riots with estimates buzzing on Twitter of 50-200 youths  flooding the streets throughout the hours there was activity. I have confirmation that the The Great Harry (pub) has been torched, the T-Mobile shop and Wimpy restaurant. Various other shops such as JD Sports have been broken into too. I can only bare to imagine what it will be like when I go down to help clean up the mess today.

I wish all my fellow Londoners and Woolwich residents the best and I hope you're all safe. Here are some videos captured of the events. I must warn these involve swearing and violence.

Source: @jelvesie
Source: @Jellyfielders


 * It has been confirmed people attempted to break into Barclays bank.

 * Picture of Barclays; rumors of Wilkinsons being torched seem true (middle of picture)

* Rioters tore down the window of Charles Dance Jewellers in Hare Street. Source

*  Blue Inc clothes shop on Wellington Street was set alight, it took 20 fire fighters to put it out, rumored to be still smoldering. Source

* Rumors Game Station employees have lost their jobs to the rioters. Source: family members friend.

* The Great Harry has been seemed unstable and might have to be demolished. Source

* A chilling photo stream of what the carnage of last night looks like; Source: William Ralph


  1. Damn, what a bunch of dumbasses. I'm sorry to hear about that. Hope things get back on track quickly.

  2. For fuck sake, I wish the police were aloud to just beat shit into those stupid "people". Or at least jsut fucking shoot them. There's no reason for this.